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The New Breed of Vaporizer

The Pocket Vape

Developed by NASA Engineer


The Pocket Vape is ceramic and has a nice weight and feel to it. It is glazed (basically a glass skin) to give a unique appearance and eliminate porosity, so all resins can be removed. Above are pictures of some prototypes. Production models will be available March 07, hopefully.

The size of the Pocket Vape is (0.7 x 0.7 x 3.95)inch or (1.78 x 1.78 x 10)cm. excluding protruding hardware. It is truly pocketable. Take a look.

I often carry 2 Pocket Vapes, keys, lighter and change in my front right jeans pocket and not even know they're there. I like to have a couple for show and tell.



The Pocket Vape was designed to be more like a pipe that vaporizes on the fly rather than a clear off the table and get ready for a séance, vaporizer.

Your tobacco, pipe and a lighter is all you need to smoke anywhere.

Your tobacco, a Pocket Vape and a torch lighter is all you need to vaporize anywhere.

The Pocket Vape is a butane powered, convection vaporizer with closed loop temperature control. This is something that doesn't exist today.

Butane, when fully combusted, (H2O , CO2) has no taste. Read the Butane Taste Fallacy. What you taste is incompletely burned carbon from a conventional butane lighter.

In this video, I use a conventional butane lighter to put carbon on a coffee cup then burn it off (oxidize) with a butane torch lighter.

Torch lighters mix air with the butane prior to ignition practically guarantying complete combustion.

Butane power can increase the quality of your active ingredients!




The vaporizing temperature is easily adjusted with adjustment dial.

The temperature control of the Pocket Vape will beat any vaporizer on the market period.

Why? This vaporizer has an analog closed loop controller which is much faster than a digital loop. Ask a controls engineer if you happen to know one.

Or, you can look at the performance charts below. If the data looks too good, watch the videos of the test that produced the data. Ask another vaporizer manufacturer to show their performance data. Make sure they used a fast sensor that was actually in the vape chamber. I was doing testing like this for NASA, I am used to having to prove my test data!

Note these test demonstrate that the Pocket Vape is able to take in a torch lighter flame or a propane torch flame or a conventional lighter butane flame and give you the same consistent temperature.

This is unprecedented.

Watch the Ultimate Demo. In one continuous run, I adjust the vaporizing temperature several times, letting it stabilize each time.

This test runs over 80 seconds, so I have a "Dust Buster" type vacuum being controlled by my computer as the surrogate smoker.

For most of this demo, the vacuum is at 50%. After stabilizing at last temperature, I drop the vacuum to 20%. The temperature holds. Then vacuum to 100%. The temperature holds.

This demonstrates that a true closed loop temperature controller is independent of the inhale rate.

This is the only constraint and I don't want to loose anybody here:

It takes a certain amount of energy to heat 2 liters of air from 75F to 350F. How fast you inhale those 2 liters will determine how quickly you need that energy. That is power.

Butane has a certain amount of energy per gram. So, how fast the butane comes out of your lighter (flame size) is also power.

As long as your lighter power is high enough, you can dial in any temperature you want! Take a look at the videos; you can see we're not talking a giant flame.

Zero heat up time. Well, maybe a few milliseconds. The charts show a few seconds, but that is really the time for the thermocouple to heat up to the air temperature. After all, the sensor is metal.


Thermal testing. Thermocouples mounted on the flame port, vape body, and in the vape chamber.
Some test results. Click on image for full size. 1/4 turn less (looser, ccw) on the Temp Control


Video of the Ultimate Demo

See how the Temp Control Dial changes temperature

And how inhale rate does not affect temperature control.


Watch a video of the Pocket Vape in action

This video is old, but until I make a new one, it is funny to watch.